Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Note on Chapters 1 to 202

In a recent interview, mystery novelist Laura Lippman commented that lots of crime tales have tended to be rather conservative. The protagonist, Lippman contended, believes the world is out of whack, and he or she wants to put everything back the way it was.
The Scarlet Sparrow hasn’t been one for order. Tyler Wilson’s been more about chaos — stop the bad guys’ plans and let the eggs fall where they may.
What can I say? I’ve tried to write these stories differently, but the characters do what they will, they won’t listen to me.
It is at this point in the adventures of the Scarlet Sparrow, at the conclusion of Chapter 202, that the story could flow into Chapter 1, back more than the four years ago when I began writing and drawing “Slipped.”
That’s the thing about time travel.
So if you wish to see how this started, click here to take you to the beginning.
Well, to 1926, two after this most recent adventure, into Tyler Wilson’s future. Or her past. (That’s the thing about random time travel.)
But it all fits, you’ll see.
Meanwhile, back here in the present, I’m looking at the possibility of a book version — you know, bound and printed on paper — of these first 202 chapters. (One reason is I’ve never been happy with how the images have appeared online.)
If you might be interested in a copy, please send me an email at slippedcomic [at]
More details as they develop.
Thanks for reading.
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