Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Story Right Now …

Here’s what’s going on:
Tyler Wilson again has disrupted one of Dargelos’s complicated plans. Dargelos was once the enemy of Tyler’s father, Arkady Wilson, the original Scarlet Sparrow — a fact not lost on the mysterious mastermind.
Dargelos has many disciples, whom he dispatches to mislead and on occasion attempt to kill Tyler and her friends during their various adventures throughout time and geography.
Now it seems he’s caught Tyler in a trap: She’s back in Paris, in 1924 — two years before our “Slipped” story started (March 2008 in Book 1, Chapter 1). She’s younger, her hair has turned white (out of fright?), her parents are still very much in her life, and she doesn’t appear to recognize any of the characters she encounters. She no longer is aware of her father’s time-charged sword, and seems to have no memory of any of her “earlier” (“future”?) exploits.
And Pip the talking dog isn’t talking.
Is this a dream? An alternate reality? Has Dargelos “reset” her life, to sidetrack her?
Now this naive and out-of-her-depth Tyler Wilson is back where it all started for her — before it started, in fact – as les Rongeurs plot their first steps toward the takeover of western Europe ….